Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Living The Laptop Lifestyle:

How to Start & Grow a Profitable Online Business So You Can Quit Your Job

Is going to work something you suffer through all week so you can enjoy the weekends?
Do you bury your dreams and passions so you can chase a paycheck every week?

Do you spend Sundays with a feeling of dread because you know Monday is right around the corner?

Getting Rich Slowly Means Getting Richer In All Areas Of Life

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This website is all about getting rich slowly and easily, not just by saving money, but by making money, because it’s no good earning money if you use it to get into debt.

It’s easy to get rich if you spend less and earn more without working more. This is working smarter, not harder.

There’s too much hype and too my lies being told about getting rich quickly.

Life has been much sweeter since I minimalised my life and ignored online hype.

Having a big house and more possessions means you have to work more to maintain and look after it all plus it takes more money to buy it all.

Spending less means less need to earn money which leads to less stress.

Is it any coincidence that the happiest people in the world are also the poorest?

What you really need isn’t more possessions, but more time, so use products that save you time e.g. website building software, courses that teach you how to do things, appliances that cut time working at home.

Simplifying everything in your life will make you feel richer.

Buddhists believe that wanting is suffering.

Minimalism is the new vogue, not consumerism.

Simplifying your working life as well, can give you a real Laptop Lifestyle. .

My name is Ruth Barringham.

This is a personal website where I’ll be writing about my own experiences and observations about living a more minimalist lifestyle.

This website is called Getting Rich Slowly because this is what happens when you stop racing through life trying to “have it all.”

Instead, my life has become more richer and meaningful when I minimialised my work and my life.

Not only did I move into a small house in 2013 and get rid of a lot of clutter, but I also pulled back on how much I was working.

I work from home as a writer and online affiliate marketer. It’s a lifestyle choice I decided to make several years ago and it was the best move I ever made.

I hope this website will help you to lead a richer life too because, as I discovered, once you stand still and step out of the daily rush we all call life, you realise that the things you always thought of as necessary and needed, aren’t that at all.

Once you get out of that vicious 'busy' cycle, you’ll never want to get back in it again.

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