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The Clean Food Diet

Latest Article by Ruth Barringham
February 20th 2015

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It’s great that more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of eating clean food.

But what is clean food?

For far too long the average western diet has consisted of fast food, red meat and processed food.

And as a population, we’ve become obese, lazy, sluggish and unhealthy with soaring rates of heart disease and cancers.

But as more people turn to a clean food diet, the health problem is reversing itself.

Clean food is natural, organic, chemical free food that is unprocessed.

This means eating mostly grains, fruit, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.

It means slow food instead of fast food. Food that is cooked slowly in traditional ways and eaten slowly too.

A clean food diet has 3 big advantages over other types of food.

Filling. it’s more nutritionally dense so you feel fuller even though you’re eating less. High fat, processed foods don’t fill you for long but clean food sustains you.

Weight Loss. Without the high fat content,clean food will help you lose weight without you even trying. And you won’t feel hungry.

Feel Good. You really are what you eat so the better and more natural your diet, the better you’ll feel. Once you start a clean food diet, your energy will increase, your skin will look better, you’ll sleep more deeply and feel great.

So instead of eating a pizza for lunch or greasy fried chicken or a burger, why not try some steamed brown rice with tomato wedges, sliced mushrooms, chopped avocado, beans and a light dressing.

It will taste great, fill you up and make you feel better straight away.

No one ever regrets eating healthy, clean food.

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